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CT-316S-1000BK: 1000pk 15.7 Inch Mounted Head Cable Tie (120lb) - UV Nylon 66 - Black

  • Model: CT-316S-1000BK

Product Detail

These mounted head style cable ties are 15.7 inches in length with a tensile strength of 120lbs. They are ideal for bundling and organizing cables together which are exposed to outdoor elements and directly mount them to wall.

Physical Characteristics
Color Black
Length 15.7 inch (406mm)
Width 7.6mm (0.300 inches)
Min. Tensile 120lbs
Max Bundle Diameter 4.30 inches (109mm)
Mounting Hole Size M6 [14#]
Material UV Nylon 66
Flame Retardant 94V-2
Application Temperature -40°C +85°C [-40°F +185°F]
Operation Temperature -10°C +85°C [26°F+185°F]
CE Yes
RoHS Yes
Packaging Information
Package Quantity 1 pack of 1000
Product Weight 14.5 lbs [6.6kg]