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FD-U3SHDDS: USB 3.0 SATA Hard Drive Docking Station Dual-Bay External HDD Dock Offline Clone/Duplicator Function 2.5/3.5 Inch SATA HDD SSD

  • Model: FD-U3SHDDS

Product Detail

Dual Bay Docking Station offers an easy access with two 2.5/3.5 inches HDD SSD SATA I/II/III drives, support 2 x 16TB hard drives, a perfect solution for backup & processing IT data, batch processing data, formatting, file transfers, data recovery etc.

Product Introduction

- The FIDECO USB 3.0 dual-bay HDD docking station equips 4-in-1 function, including storage, clone, USB hub and Card reader.

- It can access both SATA disks simultaneously. It is simple and easy to expand the stroage capacity of your HDD/SSD even data backup.

- USB 3.0 TF/SD Slot Designed:It offers more convenience and easily transferring high-resolution images and video recordings, support USB 3.0 TF/SD card (Package does not include USB 3.0 TF/SD Card).

- Supports up to 2x12TB Drives: FIDECO USB 3.0 dual Bay Hard Drive Docking Stations Maximum Capacity of 2 x 12TB, Compatible with 2.5 & 3.5 Inch SATA I / II / III Hard Drives.

- Stable Super Speed: Superspeed and stable power supply DC 12V 3A power for hard drive use steadily.

- Offline Clone Function: When cloning a hard drive, make sure that the USB cable is disconnected from any computer - Simply connect both hard drives, press the ‘Clone’ button for 3 seconds until the LED starts to flash and the cloning process begins. Progress indicator with LED: 25% - 50% - 100%.

USB 3.0 - 5 Gbps Super Speed

Super speed USB 3.0 data file transfers (up to 5 Gbps).

Provides faster transfers up to 70% faster read speeds and 40% faster write speeds.

Backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1

Support 2.5/3.5 inch SATA HDD/SSD

Only supports 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch SATA HDD and SSD.

Notice: The docking station is not compatible with IDE drives.

Easy installation design, no need to use tools to install HDD or SSD.

Hard Drive Docking Station Specification

Name: Hard Drive Docking Station

Cable Length (USB 3.0 Cable/Power Adapter): 0.8m/1.2m

Material: Aluminum Alloy + ABS Plastic

USB Port: USB 3.0 Type-A

Input Current / Voltage: 0.8A, 110-240V AC

Output Current / Voltage:3A, 12V DC

Range of Application: 2.5’’ /3.5’’ HDD SSD SATA I II III Drives

Support Devices: PS4, Xbox, TV, Monitoring Equipment

Compatible System: For Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 and MacOS 10.4 to 10.11.

Offline Clone Function

Ensure the Power Switch on the rear is in the OFF Position and plugged in properly.

Insert Both hard drives and identify Source Disk and Target Disk (HDD1 is Source Disk, HDD2 is Target Disk).Note: The target disk must be larger/equal than the source disk.

Make sure that the USB cable is disconnected from computer during the cloning.

Connect power supply and switch on power.

Press the "Clone" button for 3 seconds, the LED indicator will light up. Then quickly press the offline clone button then offline clone operation will start. Each LED represents 25% completion. When offline clone operation is fully completed, all LEDs will constant on.

6.At last, power off the device.


Please backup files in the target hard drive before cloning. Any files in target hard drive will be overwritten when offline cloning occurs.

To avoid data transfer errors, overheating and damage to the device please make sure that there are no faulty driver cells.

To avoid data loss, do not remove or insert drives when one drive is working in the docking station. Please power off the docking station before removing.

Please read the manual carefully before using the clone function.

This hard drive is not charging for mobile phone.

Packing List:

1x FIDECO USB 3.0 Docking Station (Not included HDD/SSD)

1x 12V 3A DC Power Adapter

1x USB 3.0 Data Cable

1x User Manual