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WPK-IR1: IR Dual Band Decora Wall Plate Receiver (12V DC 30mA) - White

  • Model: WPK-IR1

Product Detail

Description: This receives IR signals from a handheld IR remote control and relays this to the audio/video equipment for operation from another room. Mounts to a single gang standard electrical box using a decora cover plate Stylish decora design. Dual color LED. Green for system status and blue for talk back. Ultra thin design. Mounts easily in any J-box or P-ring. Wide band IR receives IR from many types of remotes. Specifications: Receive frequency range: 34 KHz to 60 KHz Transmit frequencies: 38 KHz and 56 KHz Range: 40ft at 38 KHz, 25ft at 56 KHz Power: 12VDC, 30mA max. Status Power: 12VDC, 3mA max. Wire requirements: 2 twisted pair, with or without shield