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HF-TX1: USB Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter Portable Music Stereo Audio Adapter

  • Model: HF-TX1

Product Detail

Bluetooth Transmitter (not a Bluetooth receiver) - Connect to audio output devices such as TV, iPod, CD player, PC Computer, MP3/MP4, and transmit Stereo audio to your  Bluetooth headsets/headphones and Bluetooth speakers.

TV Transmitter - Connect the Bluetooth transmitter to your TV audio jack into the TV and transmit the sound to the Bluetooth headset, just enjoy the shows at late night without disturbing your loved ones, isn't awakened by any TV sound. Note: It does not support Samsung Smart TV.

Easy to use - Fully plug and play, the device is powered by USB, so there is no need to limit the playback time. Easy to use, as it will be automatically paired the next time, eliminating the need to pair again, saving time and saving work time.

Low Latency - Allows you to enjoy stereo music or watch TV quietly for a richer, deeper sound experience.

Compact design - Small size, light weight, can be used anytime, anywhere, enjoy beautiful music, transmission distance > 32 feet

How To Use:
1. Plug the product into the USB port of your TV or laptop or Computer.
2. Connect the product to your TV or laptop using an audio cable (note: 3.5MM audio output port or RCA audio output port).
3. Turn on the Bluetooth headset or speaker and enter pairing mode (you may need to turn off the phone's Bluetooth function).
4. Pairing for a few seconds. The indicator will flash quickly and the device will automatically pair.
5. Wait one minute after pairing to play music or video on your computer. The sound will be transmitted to your Bluetooth headset or speaker (if the pairing is not successful, you can try it multiple times)
Package included:
1 X Bluetooth transmitter
1 X RCA Cable
1 X 3.5 Audio Cable