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HF-XT9: 3 in 1 Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod Remote Handheld Monopod - Button Battery

  • Model: HF-XT9

Product Detail

Three Mode : Handheld Monopod Mode / Desktop Tripod Mode / Level Mode
Handheld Selfie Sticks + Unique Tripod + Bluetooth Remote Photographing

Bluetooth Shutter:
1. Apply to:For iOS (6.0 Above) / Android system (for Samsung/MOTO/Sony/Google/Xiaomi/HTC etc, Android 4.2.2 Above)
2. Function Keys: On/Off, Bluetooth pairing, Photograph, Android Configuration, For IOS Configuration
3. Bluetooth: V3.0
4. Frequency: 2.4Hz - 2.48GHz
6. Effective distance: 10m(30ft)

Use the tutorial
1: Long press to turn on the remote control switch The blue indicator of the remote control flashes.
2: Open the phone Bluetooth, search for new devices, and then connect.
3: Turn on the phone camera software after pairing and connecting.
4: For iPhone mobile phone can directly take pictures by pressing the remote control shutter.
5: Most Android phones can also take pictures directly by pressing the shutter button.
6: Some mobile phones that do not control the camera download the auxiliary software, then open the camera settings in the auxiliary software, and set the volume key function item to take pictures.