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HF-RJ45-A1T2: 100Mbps Network Splitter, High Speed RJ45 Port 2 Devices Simultaneous Network Ethernet Splitter 1 to 2 USB Power Supply with USB Power Cable for Computers

  • Model: HF-RJ45-A1T2

Product Detail

  • APPLICABLE DEVICES: You connect one Ethernet cable from the wall to the splitter cable and one from the splitter to two computers (or laptops, routers, TV boxes, Internet TVs, etc.).
  • NOTE: Supports up to 100Mbps. these data speeds are the maximum speeds of the chipset, the actual speeds on the connected devices. It is far from the maximum capacity of the chip. These network splitter adapters are not suitable for IPTV, TV box and STB based IP. your internet service provider has specific requirements for this.
  • ONE SPLIT TWO: Supports two computers to share one Ethernet line at the same time by means of physical splitting. You can connect two computers at the same time to access the Internet at the same time. (Note: USB power supply, no connection can not be used).
  • SIMULTANEOUS INTERNET ACCESS: Two devices access the Internet at the same time Solve the problem of having only one embedded network port in the home by enabling two devices to access the Internet at the same time.
  • 100MBPS: 100Mbps Ethernet Splitter allows a router (or Ethernet switch) to switch to two 100Mbps Ethernet signals at the same time in different rooms without having to pull cables from the other room to the room to connect to this computer.

Note: Please connect the USB cable to 5V power supply or computer USB port.