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HF-RJ45-1T3: Ethernet Splitter, Female to Female Network Adapter RJ45, LAN Ethernet Socket Connector Adapter for Cat5/5e/6/7/8, Ethernet Cable Splitter, Network Cable Split in one and Three, gigabit Transmission

  • Model: HF-RJ45-1T3

Product Detail

  • RJ45 Splitter 1 to 3: The 1 to 3 port ethernet adapter allows a router or Ethernet switch to simultaneously connect to Three Ethernet Networks. This Ethernet cable splitter 1 in 3 out is primarily used to solve connectivity issues caused by insufficient wiring. It is a simple yet efficient Network distributor that can help you expand your Network port. Using the USB cable included for power supply and support Three computers sharing a single Ethernet line simultaneously.
  • 1000Mbps Network Splitter: The maximum transfer speed of this 1gb high speed ethernet splitter is 1000Mbps, which means it can provide lightning-fast data transfer speeds. This makes it perfect for situations where large amounts of data need to be transferred quickly and efficiently.
  • Wide Compatibility: RJ45 8P8C LAN Ethernet Splitter connector extender is compatible with Cat8/7/6/5/5e Network ethernet cable and can be compatible with ADSL, hubs, switch, TV, set-top box, router, wireless device, computer, etc
  • Note: The Ethernet distributor comes with a 0.8 meter USB cable that requires power networking. Three female ports can be used simultaneously. Any one of the three ports is an input and the remaining three ports are outputs.
  • Either Ethernet Splitter 1 to 3: This RJ45 Ethernet splitter is designed to solve connection problems caused by insufficient cabling. Using a USB power cable, it allows three computers to share a single Ethernet line at the same time.
  • Transmission Rate: The High-Speed Ethernet Splitter allows you to split your network connection into two outputs with a maximum throughput of 1,000 Mbps per cable set, without any crosstalk between the signals transmitted by each cable set.
  • HIGH QUALITY: The RJ45 1 to 3 splitter adapter is made of rigid, impact, heat and low temperature resistant PVC eco-friendly material; gold-plated pins, thickened PCB boards and metal shielding; and advanced socket technology to make plugging and unplugging safer and more comfortable. It is also easier to develop closed insulated modules that are safer to use.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: RJ45 8P8C LAN Internet Splitter Connection Extender can be used with Cat8 Cat7 Cat6 Cat5 Cat5e network Ethernet cables, which can be used with ADSL, hubs, switches, TVs, set-top boxes, routers, wireless devices, computers and so on.