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HF-RJ45-POE12: RJ45 POE Splitter 1 to 2 Way Gigabit Network Splitter 1X2 with POE Splitter Repeater POE Extender over cat5e/6 Ethernet Cables

  • Model: HF-RJ45-POE12

Product Detail

It is multi-function network splitter. It can works as a network splitter and allows 2 devices such pc or laptop to access the internet simultaneously.

And it can also works as 1 in 2 out Gigabit POE splitter repeater. It extends power and data to 2 end PoE devices via qualified RJ45 network cable.

1) The PoE Extender features one 90W PoE input port and two 45W PoE output port, running one cable to connect to 2 POE IP devices.
INput:44V-55V 1A

2) It can forward both Ethernet and PoE power for 1 terminal equipment via qualified Cat5,Cat5e,Cat6,Cat6e,UTP cable.

3) Supports 10,100,1000Mbps data rates, comply with IEEE802.3at and IEEE802.3af Standard. Provides 802.3af power levels when powered by any 802.3at source.

4) The POE extender can extend the ge of the Ethernet network by an additional 100m (328 ft). Extended PoE installation range by additional 100M. The maximum is 4 pieces, 400 meters when deployed in cascade.

5) The PoE Extender cost effective installation – does not require local power and other configuration required. Powered via the PoE input, Plug and Play.